Saint Michael School

Saint Michael School was founded in 1977. Located in a low income neighborhood in Newark, NJ, the school dedicates itself to helping each child realize their potential, learn respect and responsibility, and receive an education that prepares them for High School and beyond.

A Catholic school, Saint Michael School’s mission statement states that it seeks “to recognize the good in everyone regardless of race, color, creed, or gender.”

Saint Michael School students are successful, driven students. In 2011, four graduates from the school received full or almost full scholarships to prestigious area High Schools. One went on to Newark Academy, one to Oak Knoll, and two to Delbarton. Of these four children, three had siblings in the school who were receiving help from SOY’s Adopt-a-Kid Fund.

The school’s students are givers. Many of them are poor themselves, but they are not allowed to feel poor. In 2012, they collected $2,000.00 for the Holy Childhood Association to help poor children. Saint Michael School received over $7,000.00 from the Vatican as a special award for collecting the most mission money in 2011.

The staff members at Saint Michael School are true missionaries. Dedicated to helping every child reach his or her potential, the staff gives both money and time. They run various fund raisers throughout the year to keep the tuition at Saint Michael School as low as possible. The staff is raising $3,000.00 on their own to ensure a new Math program will be offered in the coming years. Sometimes staff members will contribute to a child’s tuition or field trips out of their own pocket to ensure the child gets the most from their days at Saint Michael School.