Our Mission

Shepherds of Youth provides assistance to Saint Michael School in Newark, NJ, and the Vocationist Fathers and Sisters. SOY helps these organizations by offering financial assistance to the students of Saint Michael School, and by assisting the Fathers and Sisters in their work to help those in need.

SOY also provides financial assistance for students pursing education as future nuns and priests. SOY strives to better the community by helping all people – young and old – reach their potential, regardless of personal financial means. SOY also encourages the pursuit of excellence in all things, for themselves and for their community.

How SOY Helps

SOY contributes financially to help both students and teachers excel at Saint Michael School. Annually, SOY donates around $80,000. SOY also gives baskets of food to families in need at Thanksgiving. The names of the families are given by Saint Michael School, and SOY takes cares of the rest.


Through the Shepherds, Saint Michael School is able to offer its outstanding education to even more children. Because of its location, many of the students who could most benefit from attending Saint Michael School cannot afford the tuition. To help these children, SOY created the Adopt-a-Kid Fund. All proceeds from this fund go to helping pay tuition costs for underprivileged children.

How does the Adopt-a-Kid Fund work? On average, SOY gives about $50,000 a year to families through the Adopt-a-Kid Fund. The scholarship is offered to any family who has more than one child attending Saint Michael School, so the amount given fluctuates annually. Families receive a $500 scholarship for each child after the first who attends Saint Michael School. So a family of three children would receive $1,000 total from SOY if all three children were enrolled at the school.

Teacher Retention Program

The teachers of Saint Michael School are dedicated. While the school cannot always boast academic success stories, the teachers of Saint Michael School help every student reach his or her own potential. They educate students with IQ’s as low as 78 and as high as 140. It is incredibly difficult to reach individual students in classrooms with such a broad range. Saint Michael School’s teachers must be creative, bright, and devoted. Such teachers are in high demand in schools today, and many our teachers are offered high salaries once they have been certified through their work at Saint Michael School.

While the school offers a competitive salary, it cannot always keep up with the high salary offerings of larger, wealthier schools. To help Saint Michael School keep its teachers, SOY gives $30,000 annually through its Teacher Retention Program. This money allows the school to offer better health benefits to its teachers.

These are just a few of the ways the Shepherds of Youth help Saint Michael School students, family, and faculty. To find out more, or to learn how you can help, contact us.