The Adopt-a-Kid Breakfast is a great opportunity to see the benefits of Saint Michael School up close. At the Adopt-a-Kid Breakfast, you’ll be able to meet students and faculty, as well as SOY Board Members and other Saint Michael School donors.

The breakfast truly highlights the benefits of Saint Michael School, and the numerous ways in which it enriches both the lives of the students and the community.

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Attend the Adopt-a-Kid breakfast. You will truly be moved by these children and their potential.

Adopt-a-Kid Program

The Adopt-a-Kid program was started to ensure that all children, no matter their family’s financial difficulties, would be able to attend Saint Michael School. The Adopt-a-Kid program provides financial assistance to parents who would not otherwise be able to send their children to the school.

Thanks to the efforts of the faculty and staff, the tuition at Saint Michael School remains considerably lower than the cost per student for the public school. However, despite these efforts, the tuition is still unaffordable for many of the poor, hard-working families who want their children to have the opportunities only Saint Michael School can provide.

The Adopt-a-Kid program offers both full and partial scholarships to students. Most notably, the Adopt-a-Kid program gives assistance to any family who sends multiple children to Saint Michael School. Each child after the first receives a $500 scholarship, a significant reduction for the tuition costs.

Experience the Saint Michael School difference – see how the school can change the lives of children by attending the Adopt-a-Kid Breakfast. You can help these kids, too.