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Supporting the
Children of Newark
and the Vocationists


SOY offers financial assistance and support for Saint Michael School through a variety of programs. Located in an impoverished area of Newark, NJ, Saint Michael School has many unique challenges. Many of its students come from low income families, and its student body is comprised of a multitude of students from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds and social statuses. Many of the students are immigrants.


Shepherds of Youth provides assistance to St. Michael's School in Newark, NJ, and the Vocationist Fathers and Sisters. SOY helps these organizations by offering financial assistance to the students of St. Michael's School, and by assisting the Fathers and Sisters in their work to help those in need.

St. Michael’s School endeavors to deliver a high- quality, values-based education to over 250 children from the Newark, N.J. & surrounding area.

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What we do for children today, 
we do for the future.

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